Blog-tember Day 7 - 5 Joyful Things

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blog-tember Day 7 - Five Things of Joy

So. Much. Joy!!!

those dimples

1. Sam. He makes my days absolutely joyful. He is the best guy and I am so blessed by him. He always has me laughing, even when I don't want to be. He is a problem solver. For example, we just moved into an older rental townhouse in the city. Our closet space is very limited and he is currently installing a custom closet creation. For any problem I put in front of him he finds a solution. I would be lost without him and am so happy I never have to be. He continually loves, serves and motivates me. 


2. This picture. Everything about this picture brings me joy! My family aka my favorite people to hang out with. New York City. An amazing dinner with lots of drinks, wine, steak and lobster. This dinner was so so yummy - my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I am hoping to repeat this later this year when we all go to NYC to watch Jesse run the NYC Marathon (Go Jesse Go!). I love all the time we get to spend with these people and I am so incredibly thankful they are my family! I 100% believe I have the absolute best family in the world!

3. Brant & Spence. I really really love my nephews and I am so happy I am now officially their aunt! Being their aunt makes me so happy. I love their snuggles and their laughs. I am not sure anything makes me smile as much as when Brandy sends me videos of them asking about Nat Nat. They also know that Sam and I go together! When they see pictures of one of us they ask where the other one is and I love that! I feel like every time I see them they are more mature and independent. I hope they continue to love snuggles for a very long time. Also, this picture reminds me of how Brant is a little fish! He is so great at swimming and he's only 3! I was very impressed by him during our pool day.

Chicen Itza on our honeymoon

4. Travel. I love to travel. I love experiencing new cultures, trying new foods and learning different countries' histories. I am especially excited that Sam and I can now do traveling just us two! And we can budget together to go on trips (two incomes are better than one! haha). I hope a lot of more travel is on our horizon. We are not planning to have kids super soon but I love reading blogs like Victoria's about traveling with kids. It reminds me that there is no deadline on our traveling! We have the rest of our lives!

5. Siblings. Sorry I can't stop talking about these people but I am obsessed with them and they bring me so much joy! We all have so much fun together and are honestly each other's best friends. I am hoping we can all go on a vacation together soon because I know that would be the best time! I am so blessed that not only do I get along so well with my own brother but I also love all my sibling-in-laws so freaking much! Seriously #squadgoals right here.

I guess all in all my family brings me so much joy since they are 4/5 things on my list! :)