Blog-tember Day 29 - Five Favorite Blogs

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blog-tember Day 29 - Five Favorite Blogs

I, obviously, love reading blogs! There are a lot of blogs I read but these are my top 5 that I look at every day and get super excited when I see updates! Two of them are the same as my favorite instagrammers but their blogs are also so good that they have to be mentioned! You cannot only follow them on Insta! 

1. Mix & Match Mama I love Shay Shull! I love reading about her kiddos, her life and her brother! Shay and her husband just adopted another daughter from China and now they are a family of 6! I freaked out (in the best way) when they announced they were adopting again, I was so excited! She loves her family and her people so well. Hearing their adoption stories definitely make me think more about adoption. I love reading about what her daily life looks like and all her product reviews are the best. Basically if she recommends an article of clothing it almost always goes on my "want" list!

2. Lara Casey I have already talked about Lara here and she very generously wrote a guest post for me here! (I am still so excited about that!) I started reading her book Make It Happen this week and already it's encouraged me and kicked me in the butt. I highly recommend you read it! Maybe when I finish I can write a recap of what all I learned and what leaps I want to take next. 

3. Victoria Strader Victoria was also one of my favorite Instagrammers. I love her Instagram because it's full of beautiful pictures, but I love her blog even more. She shares some real and genuine stuff y'all! She is always sharing what she is learning, specifically through the journey of pregnancy and being a new mother, where she is traveling and what she is wearing. Also she loves Kate Middleton which I, of course, love! 

4. Southern Weddings This blog is beautiful and has so many good things even after you are married. I love it and I am excited that they are continuing to write content for life after your wedding. One of my goals is to be featured on their site (Newlyweds' Homes?), but I'm guessing this is most people's goal ... haha

5. The Andrews Family A blog about my favorite people. This is the family blog that my sister-in-law/BFF writes. I love reading about her family/my family's life in Mississippi. These are the best people. Maybe one day both of our blogs will be Maryland blogs... because they will move here... I can dream right!?

What about y'all? What are some blogs I am missing out on?