Blog-tember Day 12 - Three Books

Monday, September 12, 2016

Blog-tember Day 12 - Three Books

Honeymooners & their Kindles

My 2016 goal is to read 25 books. This was my goal last year but I did not meet it. Last year I tried to push myself to read a variety of books, but this year I just want to read 25 books. Currently, I'm only at 15 so I am a little behind. A few years ago my parents gave me a Kindle, which at first I was not super excited about as I love buying and borrowing books and I was sad to no longer be holding a real book. But... the Kindle has changed my life. Seriously! That sounds dramatic but I read so much more with my Kindle! It is incredibly easy to borrow books from the library, you never accidentally pay overdue fees and you can bring numerous books with you on vacation without wasting space in your suitcase. I love my Kindle. Sam started reading the Harry Potter books on our Honeymoon (best Honeymoon "gift" ever) and we never put down our Kindles. I am hoping Amazon/Kindle will get wind of my Kindle obsession and I will become a Kindle model #dreamjob. Seriously I love Kindles just ask me so I can talk about it more! haha

Just read Me Before You -  I cry every other TV show/movie but I rarely cry while reading books. I finished this book late one night when I couldn't sleep and I could not stop crying. So I would highly recommend this book! I saw the movie as well and cried. But the book is better (as usual). This is probably not news to anyone as I know this book has been talked about a lot recently. But I cannot not mention this book because it was the first one to make me cry.

Currently reading Outlander - I am actually currently reading the third book in the series but they are just so good! I started reading them because I had heard so many things about the TV series and I like to read the books before watching the TV series/movie. The books (and I imagine the show) area bit R-rated but are so good! There are points in the book where I just cannot put it down. The premise is a woman who is a nurse in WW2 but accidentally travels back in time to Scotland in the 1700s. It is very interesting to read about her differences between the two eras and it has a great romance. I just love it! I cannot wait to watch the show!

Want to read Reconstructing Amelia - I looked at all my "want to reads" on my Goodreads account. They are not super interesting ... haha I am currently on the hold list for the above book although I never added it to my Goodreads. I love mysteries and I have seen this one mentioned on a few lists. It's about a mother whose daughter died while away at school. It is ruled a suicide but the mother suspects otherwise and investigates what has happened. Has anyone else read this one?

Any other recommendations? I love book recommendations! I am definitely guilty of judging books by the cover so please recommend some I have have overlooked!