Blog-tember Day 1 - An Introduction

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blog-tember Day 1 - An Introduction

I have thought about starting a blog for the past few months and I thought Bailey's Blog-tember would be a great month to start since it's full of prompts! The first day is an introduction of me which is 1 easy and 2 perfect for a first blog post.

alright let's laugh together ... 

I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. My mom and dad have been married nearly 30 years (huge blessing and example) and I have one brother 2 years younger than me. We sometimes look like we could be twins. Also he's Jesse IV - I think that's pretty cool! My parents met at Virginia Tech and Jesse and I followed in their footsteps. I am blessed to have gone to the best school! Seriously it's the best ask anyone who has gone there!

#borntobeabride? || NV & IV

I graduated and moved back home, then I moved into the city with some amazing friends, then I moved back home, then I moved into an apartment with another amazing, longtime friend, then I moved back home, then I moved into another apartment with my new husband, this weekend we are again moving into the city. #professionalmover #actuallynoisuck I promise I have other pastimes besides moving but recently it's seemed like all I do!

A year after graduating a handsome Mississippi man moved to Baltimore to live with his sister and brother-in-law (thank you!). I met him at a mutual friend's graduation part. My pick up line? "We are going out tonight with some of my co-workers and I want them to think I have a lot of friends. Want to come?" He said yes! (How did that happen?) The main thing I remember us talking about was Game of Thrones (I was binging on it) and I was hooked (to both him and the show). I just so happened where I was moving in the city was walking distance from his sister's! The rest is more or less history ...

our first selfie || our wedding day

My favorite people to spend time with are our family. I am pretty certain we have the best family. I also now have two little nephews who I the best 

our siblings || our family || these boys

I work full time in "corporate America" (haha). I love my job. (I mean I rather Netflix + chill all day but ...) My co-workers are the best and I love the company. When Sam and I started dating I said I didn't want to stay another year... I've now worked there 4 years and I recently told him I couldn't imagine working anywhere else. Also when I work I wear glasses - which is funny because my co-workers always see me in glasses but most of my friends and family have never seen me in them (Sam has seen me where them once).