Blog-tember Day 2 - Current Goals

Friday, September 2, 2016

Blog-tember Day 2 - Current Goals

This post will be somewhat vague because I've been wanting to sit down with my Powersheets to really dig into this month's goals. We are moving into our first home and I'm hoping really settle into a routine. But I always have some big, general goals (that my Powersheets usually focus around) so I can definitely share those now (in no particular order).

1. Be debt free! Live like no one else, so you can live like no on else! Am I right!?

2. Live a healthier, more fit life. I want to live a life where being healthy is a normal part of my every day life.

3. Love others. I want to be hospitable. I want to be best friends with my family. I want to have solid friendships that push me towards the Lord.

4. Make travel a priority. I think travel is important and I think it's the best thing. I hope that Sam and I always make time and money for traveling, experiencing new things and meeting new people who are different than us.

5. Dig into the Word and grow with the Lord. Be a prayer warrior, memorize and spend time in the Word, talk to Him every day, be filled with the Holy Spirit.