Blog-tember Day 28 - Five Pictures that Describe My Year

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blog-tember Day 28 - Five Pictures that Describe My Year

our wedding / #sweet16 / moving / work life / nephews

This was such a big year for me! I tried to think about what took up most of my thoughts this year so far. I cannot wait to see what next year holds but I will be sad on December 31st. This year was definitely my best and favorite so far!

1. married! We got married! I love him so much and I love learning how to live together and serve each other.

2. #sweet16 These girls! We all got married this year and all three months apart! It's been such a sweet time walking through engagements, wedding planning and newlywed life together. MB (on the right) gets married in a week in a half! Most of my closest college friends got married within two years of graduation which was challenging for me at times. Even though I started dating Sam during that time I was sad that I wouldn't have any friends getting married around the time as me. I still can't believe that God had prepared these sweet friends for me that I would meet after college and walk through this stage of life with me!

3. moving So much moving this year. In January I moved back home, in July I moved into Sam's apartment and in September we moved into the city. I am hoping we will be here for a while! I hate moving. I also still have random things at my parents' house ... Oops.

4. my job I got a promotion in November but my responsibilities didn't really change until the beginning of the year. This has definitely been my most challenging position so far but I am so happy to be pushed at work! In my other positions I am bored around 9 months in, but this position definitely still keeps me on my toes.

5. my nephews My nephews came to Maryland for a whole week for our wedding and then I visited them for a long weekend at the end of August. I feel like I have built more of a relationship with them than last year and they definitely know who I am from pictures! I love these two nuggets so much and I really wish they lived closer!

I cannot wait to see what your years were like! I think this is a great way to do a recap!