Blog-tember Day 5 - Most Memorable Birthday

Monday, September 5, 2016

Blog-tember Day 5 - Most Memorable Birthday

our tour guide insisted on the peace signs. we could not stop laughing.

I have had a lot of memorable birthdays. The last few years have been especially fun because Sam and I were born 4 days apart so we've been celebrating together. But I think my most memorable was when I turned 20 while studying abroad in Spain. For my birthday weekend I travelled with some of the girls to Morocco. I remember Morocco being the most different country I had ever been to thus far. It was the first county I had been to that was not primarily Christian - which may not sound like it would be that different but it really was. In America it is somewhat rare to see a mosque, however in Morocco there is a mosque in every neighborhood. The architecture was incredibly different than I had seen in America.

Another thing that made it so special was Julie, my roommate while in Spain. I'm not sure I have ever spent so much time with someone over 2 months and never got tired of them! Seriously we spent every moment together and I loved it. She was the best. She now lives in Colorado but I got to see her in April and it was as if no time had passed. I love her so much! 

Julie & I and our camel friend

This picture of us with the camel makes me laugh so much. We went on a camel ride while in Morocco because you have to do that in Morocco right!? I don't even think the camel ride was 1 minute long. They walked us 20 feet in one direction then turned us around and that was it. It was so ridiculously short we could not stop laughing. Overall we laughed so much these two months. When I saw her in April we were in tears remembering all the ridiculous things that happened!