Blog-tember Day 18 - Products that Simplify My Life

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blog-tember Day 18 - Products that Simplify My Life

My favorite part of my job is process improvements, that is taking current processes and simplifying them. I sometimes feel like I am constantly reorganizing my personal life and trying to figure out what systems work best for me (and now Sam and I). The top 4 products make my daily routines easier and I have been, mostly, using them for at least a few months if not year.
HelloWallet. This is a budgeting app/website that I have been using for almost 2 years and I love it. I think it has an annually free but I get it free through my work! The app/website work really well. It links to all of my accounts and I mean all of my accounts. I love knowing the balances of my retirement accounts, stock accounts, etc. They all require different logins but now I can very easily check their balances daily and I find that fascinating (nerd?). It has been great for setting budgets and keeping track of upcoming bills and payments. I am obsessed with it.

Kindle. I have already professed my love for my Kindle here. But it is worth mentioning again and I am such a huge fan! It makes my life much easier and helps me read so much more!

Curlers. Okay confession - I have only been using these for a week. But when I visited Brandy and family in Mississippi a few weekends ago she had these, I used them and they worked great! (I get most of my beauty advice from my beautiful new sisters!) This week I have showered at night and dried my hair, wake, plug in the curlers, have my quiet time/coffee/breakfast and then head back upstairs to put the curlers in. My hair has stayed curled all day and I feel better at work knowing my hair is looking good and a little different than usual. It only takes an extra 5 minutes every morning and then you can just leave them in while doing your makeup, etc. (FYI - I would change before or after you have them in... not during. Maybe this is obvious but I would try to change every morning with them in... and get stuck. This is embarrassing ... lol)

BeautyCounter Face Oil. What!? Oil for your face!? At first I thought that sounded counter intuitive, but I love this stuff! My face in general does not have many issues but this face oil has really helped keep my complexion clear and has helped get rid of a few pimples before they really show up. It also smells amazing. 

How do you simplify your daily routine?