Blog-tember Day 10 - A Day in the Life

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Blog-tember Day 10 - A Day in the Life

I was so excited for today because this is one of my favorites types of posts to read from other bloggers. It is so interesting to see what someone's day actually looks like hour by hour. I think it builds bloggers' authenticity and shows that no one's life is perfect and glamorous, but instead most lives are pretty normal. My favorite posts like these are Shay's.

I took pictures on a Friday so my post would be ready for the 10th. I think it's a little boring because I spent 9 hours at the office but these posts will be so interesting to compare as the years go on! Today I literally set the timer on my phone for every hour so I would remember to take pictures! Is that too excessive!?

This is the time I got out of bed. Honestly I slept awful Thursday night and my 1st alarm went off at 4:57am but... I snoozed for an hour so #reallife.

However, despite my excessive snoozing I got out of the house and on the way to work within an hour! I was incredibly proud of myself! Granted I had no breakfast and no quiet time but I managed to shower, drink coffee, get myself ready and pack our lunches. Also the sky looked so pretty!

Southwest egg white omelet from the cafe at my desk for breakfast. It doesn't look pretty but it was good! Also George was the chef who made it for me in the cafeteria and he was a member of my Grand Jury which I think is so funny! A lot of people call Baltimore Smaltimore and I think it's so true! Maybe a lot of people feel this way about their hometown but there are so many random connections you can make.

My group at work moved buildings in August and I just unpacked my desk this week. I didn't want to move and I've been busy because of jury duty but Wednesday was my last day. I realized unpacking and doing some decorating makes me more happy at work than I thought it would.

Prepping for a meeting I had this morning. I was a little nervous because I was delivering information that was different than what my audience wanted to hear, but I was speaking with the data!

The meeting went super well! I was so happy afterwards, but lots of notes and takeaways.

Then I had a, somewhat long, coffee break with my mom. I love that we work for the same company and now at the same location. It's a huge blessing and I love being able to see her regularly to go on walks or get coffee from her building's fancy espresso machine! But sometimes our coffee breaks are quite long ... Ooops.

Lunch time! Leftover Skinnytaste Turkey Taco Zucchini boats. These were so good and the leftovers were great too!

I started eating my lunch later than usual and then I remembered I had another meeting at 1pm! So here is my lunch Round 2...

Some of my favorite desk decor. Especially this picture of my man with his dimples. Also the Mockingjay pin!

Transposing this week's to-do list onto a new list to be prepared for next week. I accomplished a lot this week but somehow the list seems to have grown...

Target run after work! I found so many things on sale that I would have bought for full price, I was so excited! I especially love that pillow - my favorite shade of blue!

It feels good to be home! I am very happy it's the weekend.

Making some roasted veggies! They are so pretty and I am excited I am finally making these! I keep meaning to make a batch at the beginning of every week for our dinners' sides. This made a big batch we can eat for at least a few days. I used this recipe, but instead of feta I used bleu cheese because that's what we had and it was so good!

I am very thankful for a patient husband because we didn't eat till 8:30pm! Oops! I am somewhat slow in the kitchen, but I think I'm getting faster! I took my time more than usual tonight making these veggies and  it was Friday, but it was so late by the time we ate! I made my first Mix and Match Mama recipe tonight - Mom's Meatloaf. I was so excited to finally make one of her recipes and Sam loved it! After we ate we watched the final episode of Stranger Things. Season 1 was so good y'all definitely need to watch it! Seriously watch it this weekend you will love it!

I cannot wait to read about all yours days!