5 Things I Love About Working for a Big Company

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Colorado Springs

I work for a big company in "corporate America". It's definitely not where I thought I would ever work and even when I started working there after college I thought I would be there a year max. (I will have to share that story another day.) Sam brought that sentiment up the other day when I said I wasn't sure if I could move somewhere else because I didn't think I'd ever find a company I loved working for as much! I love where I work! Sometimes I think big companies get a bad rap so I wanted to share why I love working for one so much!

my work's campus

1. More opportunities I'm currently on my 5th position at my company (3 promotions, 1 lateral move). Big companies have so many different types of jobs and departments, I believe there is a job for just about anyone with any interest. When I started I had such a narrow view of the types of jobs an investment company could offer. The longer I'm with the company the more job possibilities I want to pursue.

Work gave me two tickets to the Grand Prix which became Sam and my first date!

2. Perks Oh my so many perks! We get discounted and sometimes free tickets to local events. We have an associate recognition program where your recognition points can become Michael Kors purses, Amex cards, hotel gift cards ... to name some of the awards I've cashed in on. They also have discounts offered with certain companies (Verizon, Hertz and so many more). We have two gyms on campus and you receive a yearly gym stipend. It either covers the cost of the on-site gym or you can use it towards any other gym/fitness center. Seriously so many perks!

Can you see the deer?

3. Personal Development I am sure small companies also offer personal development but bigger companies can have very organized development programs. We have a whole department that is responsible for the associate development program as part of their job. Supervisors, managers, etc. are supposed to have regular 1x1s. We receive a performance rating at mid year and year-end. There are numerous online and in person trainings offered to help hone certain skills. My supervisors and managers have had big impacts on my life in and outside of work. They've helped me to identify my natural skills and the skills I need to work on. (I HATE delivering feedback aka confrontation. I hide from it. Haha)

Colorado Springs

4. Location Location Location The bigger the company, the more likely there will be numerous locations. Not only does this lead to work travel (I love it) but it also could allow you to easily relocate and try living somewhere new!

that time we took the "biggest selfie ever" at our bowling work event

5. People A big company equals a lot of employees which means you have the opportunity to make so many new friends! You get to meet so many people who are very similar and very different than you. I have made some really great, really close friends through my work. It's not that hard to do in my experience because these are the people you spend (at least) 40 hours with a week! Also after work happy hours are the best!

I absolutely love the company where I work and I highly recommend it to anyone who asks. I strongly believe in the ethics of my company and I am proud to say I work there. It's a big part of me and where I spend the majority of my time. I am so blessed by having the job that I do! It's sort of funny that I have the job that I do because a few years ago I would have said "never"! But God knew best! My career advice is get a job then find a career. Your career could be where you got the job or maybe it will be somewhere completely different. But when looking for your first job if the opportunity comes around, take it!