Training Plan Week 5

Monday, January 23, 2017

(S) Easy 2.5 miles (pace 10:18) I think I was supposed to run 5 but only ran 2.5 because... that's all I felt like running!

(M) Easy 5 miles (pace 10:06) I got off work early for MLK and ran a really nice 5 miles by the waterfront. I wasn't expecting this run to be a good one but it was really enjoyable!

(T) Nothing. I worked a 10 hour and we planned to go out to eat. Then I realized the restaurant wasn't opened Mondays or Tuesdays. :( I was so bummed but thankfully it was worth the wait!

I thought the post-it was a great idea but it wouldn't stick to the treadmill!

(W) Interval Run (pace 9:40) This was tough but interval runs are soo much better than tempo runs! Even though they are hard I like them! Teri has mentioned how running intervals helped her get a flat stomach. Seriously I thought on Thursday my stomach felt flatter! Is that crazy after only one day?! I think that interval runs really work your abs. [3x800 @ 9:10 60-90 sec rest, 2x800@ 8:40 90 sec rest]

(R) Easy 5 miles (pace 10:25) I ran outside during lunch. It was pretty warm for January (high 40s). I was pretty sure from my interval run plus some weight lifting I had done earlier in the week. But I was so glad I did this run! It felt so good and I was reminded why I love running! (Can it be spring!?)

(F) "Active rest" + weight lifting Did some time on the stationary bike which I love because I can read!

(Sa) Long 9+ miles (pace 10:31) This run was fine... I didn't feel super motivated and I felt so slow, but I was good with my final, overall pace. But on the plus side I ran the furthest from my house that I have ever run, usually I stick to my loops! I ran all the way to the Inner Harbor which was really fun! Another thing that was great - I think my body is definitely getting more use to long, long runs. I've done much better with fueling recently and I haven't felt nauseous or crazy tired after my double digit runs.