The Weekender + Training Plan Week 3

Monday, January 9, 2017

I love reading others' recaps of their training runs week over week. I want to share mine here to inspire others, get advice and record it for myself. I also record all my runs and my training plan on Running Ahead. It's a very basic website but I love it. Also my Garmin automatically syncs to the site (once I download the information on my computer) and I love how easy that is to match up the runs on my plan with the runs I've done. And there are so many stats and y'all know I love data!

I'm following the Boston Athletic Association Intermediate Half Marathon Plan (so far I really like that it tells me the general pace I should run each run) and I'm specifically training for the DC Rock'n'Roll half this March. This is my third year running it with Jesse and Sam. I really enjoy the race, it's not far but feels like somewhere new and it helps me to push myself to workout over the winter. My last half marathon PR was May 2015. I've ran another 6 races since then (either 10 milers or half's) but my times have got worse. This is because I really haven't trained much. I enjoy running these races and doing them with friends and family but I sort of think they are a waste of money if I'm not even training for them. So this year I want to get some serious PRs! My goal is to run a half in 1:46 which is around half of the time needed to quality for Boston. If I can run a half that fast (or ideally faster) I think I will start running marathons. (But really I don't know because marathons don't sound very appealing.)

(Sunday) easy 4 miler (pace 10:09) I ran around the park with Sam. We don't run together often so this was nice. This was my first run with my new pair of shoes. I have an issue where my feet go numb (or go "to sleep") while I'm running. I went to a running store and they recommended half a size bigger shoe than I was wearing. Unfortunately on the run my feet still went numb. Ergh! I am thinking I just needed to loosen my laces more? I don't know. Does anyone else have this problem!? If it keeps happening I think I may see a physical therapist. I also think I'm getting a shin split on my right shin. It sort of feels like a pain in a specific spot on the front of my shin bone? I am falling apart.

(Monday) stationary bike + weight lifting I didn't run in an attempt to help my shins heal. I read my book while on the bike which was very enjoyable.

(Tuesday) easy 3 miler (pace 10:42) I ran on the treadmill (boo!) after a 10 hour work day and I was very proud of myself. My easy pace goal is supposed to be 10-10:40 but my shin was hurting off and on and I wasn't in a good mood.

(Wednesday) +3.5 Interval run (pace 9:45) 
4x800 @ 9:10 60 sec rest, 2x800@ 8:40 90 sec rest
I did the final interval as fast as I could. I was dripping with sweat after this one!

(Thursday) easy 5 miler (pace 10:38) This was on a treadmill and I was so proud of myself for sticking it out!

(Friday) stationary bike + weight lifting Currently reading The Night Circus and I cannot put it down! Also loving active rest days on the bike. 

(Saturday) long 9 miler (pace 10:33) It was snowing the whole time. I ran 3 laps around the park near my house because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish the run if the snow got any worse. It was actually a good run for me! My feet didn't go numb, my shin didn't really bother me and I didn't feel nauseous afterwards. I was cold but with a hat and gloves I was fine once I got running. I only slipped once and that was towards the end. My skin was so red once I got home. I was so proud of myself! :)

My plan was to take a picture of every run... you can see how well that went. But a lot of runs were on the treadmill which isn't very interesting.

In addition to running we saw Rogue One this weekend with my Dad. We loved it!!! I want to rewatch all the Star Wars movies sometime soon. On Sunday we celebrated Rosie's birthday with our favorite Chicken Tikka Masala (Philly's Best in Hampden) and some games.