2016 Running Recap

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our little running group // 2016 RNRDC Finisher

One of my favorite bloggers Teri shared her running recap a week ago and I loved reading it! I thought this would be a great way to summarize my year and compare my years to come!

Total miles: 521

Highest Monthly Miles: 100 in April (which was a goal I had been pursuing for at least a year!)

Longest training run: 10.5 on the last day of April (see goal above haha)


Distance run the most often: 3 miles range

Most used playlist: I love listening to audiobooks, last year I listened to a lot of the Harry Potter books!

The NYC Marathon weekend was so fun!

Double workout days: I don't think I did any double days with running. There were a few days I did and workout class and ran on the treadmill.

King Crab Crew

Races: The King Crab Challenge (Frederick Half, Baltimore 10 Miler and Baltimore Half) and DC Rock'n'Roll Half. 49.3 miles

PR: It wasn't a PR but my fastest race last year was the DC RNR half (2:02:30)

post Baltimore 10 miler // pre Baltimore half

Biggest highs: Running 100 miles the month of April. I hope to do that almost every month this year!

Biggest lows: No PRs. Walk/jogging the Baltimore Half.

Black Friday run!

Favorite running memories: The Baltimore Half was a low but also a high. Sam and I did the whole thing together which was so fun! I've also did some fun runs this year with Jesse and Sam, Jesse and I all ran together in Virginia during the Thanksgiving holiday which was very fun! Watching Jesse run the NYC Marathon and going to the expo the day before!