Training Plan Week 4

Monday, January 16, 2017

Training Plan Week 4

(Sunday) easy 4 miles (pace 10:18) I ran on the treadmill at the gym, no incline and watched Law & Order : SVU. No complaints here.

(Monday) random HITT workout To meet my exercise goal (and attempted my move goal) for the day. I went to the gym after a 10+ hour workday but guess what!? I forgot my shoe! ((I need to put my extra pair in my car because this happens to me unfortunately often.))

(Tuesday) tempo 6 miles (pace 10:16) This was supposed to be 1.5 miles at easy, 4 miles at 9:10, 1.5 miles at easy and a 7 miler run. The 4 miles killed me. I also got a blister and some bad chafing. I had to walk for 1:30 twice during the 4 mile portion. Then I decreased the 1.5 cool down to a 0.5 cool down and walked/jogged - partially because I had to get back to work! I was very discouraged after this run because my goal is to run even fast (9:00 pace) for the entire half marathon in March. I know I have a lot of training to go but... still discouraging.

(Wednesday) easy 3.5 miles (pace 10:17) treadmill. no incline.

(Thursday) easy 4 miles (pace 10:36) This workout was surprisingly hard! I'm not sure why. Maybe so many days of running in a row but I was really tired during the run. It was also surprisingly warm which was awesome but maybe I'm not used to that?

(Friday) absolutely no workout! I was feeling very lazy. I forgot I had lunch plans so I couldn't workout during lunch and after work I just wanted to veg on A Series of Unfortunate Events.

(Saturday) long 10 miles (pace 10:26) It was supposed to be icy/sleet so I was proud that I braved the weather. In reality it was even better than last weekends long run! Very little icy rain and not slippery at all. This run was supposed to have some relatively fast miles (4 miles at 9:30) but that didn't happen and that disappointed me. My brother (aka my running coach haha) says I just need to focus on getting the miles right now but I still wish I could run faster!

The Weekend

As for this weekend Friday night Sam got drinks with friends. Saturday night I met some girlfriends for dinner at The R House. It was my first time going and I loved it. It was an open market setup where you could grab food from a few different vendors. I had a sushi bowl and it was amazing! I could eat that everyday! On Sunday I had the wrong time for church so we missed the service so I went for a short run. Then I went to a friend's baby shower while Sam spent time with my parents and grandparents. Finally we watched the Dallas game with my parents and celebrated my mom's birthday!