PowerSheets : My Word of 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

For Part 2 I identified what "fires me up" and my word of the year to me. Obviously I love thinking about what fires me up because it is all my favorite things! The number one thing that fires me up?! Answered prayer! What is more empowering and encouraging!? I started a prayer journal in October and it has been a huge blessing to see some of these prayers answered! You don't need a prayer journal for God to answer your prayers, of course, but it helps you to realize that he is answering them when you keep a journal and have some repetitive prayers. 

For my journal I've listed my specific prayers in seven categories, one for every day of the week, in a basic journal (Rifle Paper Co, of course). I've decided to rewrite my prayers in these categories month over month. Some of them are the same month over month but some of them change and I enjoy rewriting them and seeing how the evolve.

Other things that fire me up? Progress and results - I love having tangible steps to achieving your goals. I love analyzing data at work and being able to see how I am improving or what I need to approve on. I cannot get enough of that data! Real talk - I love meaningful conversations! I love being open and honest with my friends and family and talking about what is really going on in our lives. Planning - this is obvious because I love PowerSheets and making goals. I think every week I plan a potential trip Sam and I could take. I am definitely a planner. Making these plans a reality... that's what I need to work on but I love to plan! Travel - I love traveling, seeing new things, meeting new people, learning the history of different places and trying new foods. I am so glad that Sam loves to travel too and I definitely want travel to always be a priority in our life. Finishing a book - am I the only one who feels incredibly accomplished with every book they finish? It feels like a huge accomplishment. If all I did was finish one book a week I would feel on top of my game (at least I think!?). 

My word for 2017? Flourish! (You can see some of the other words that I had been brainstorming on the left.) I had the strong thought for this year that I didn't want a word that suggested starting over. I wanted a word that suggested building on an existing foundation, improvement and taking what you have and running with it. I wanted to take our lives now (which I love so much!) and make the most of them! 

I'm not sure if this seems silly, but I having been praying through the last two weeks that God would guide this goal setting process and give me words that inspired me for 2017 and truly expressed my heart. I love this word! I love my goals! I am so pleased with these words and goals for the year! More of my yearly goals tomorrow! I can't wait! These are my favorite.