PowerSheets : An Intro to Me

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome to my 2017 PowerSheets journey! This was my second year doing PowerSheets and I could not wait to get my hands on the new workbooks. I hope y'all are as excited about my journey as I am! Sorry if I ramble on too much.

I was so excited that this was the year Cultivate What Matters put out a Couples Companion Guide for the PowerSheets. I would love for "goal setting" to be a tradition in our marriage! Sam sometimes rolls his eyes at my goal digging but he was a good sport and went through the whole guide with me. I think that marrying Sam has helped to provide me with clarity in my goals in that he and our marriage is my priority. I loved going through the companion guide and asking him about his dreams for our marriage and how I could better love him!

Getting To Know Me

I have enjoyed reflecting on last year's "getting to know me page". Sometimes you don't realize how your personality and interests have grown unless you intentionally go back. Although your tastes don't always change - the last two years my favorite song has been from Adele. Last year on a similar page I described myself as a "young adult". When I read that line I thought "I don't really think I'm a young adult anymore, I feel like an adult". I'm 26 so I know I am still young but I feel more grown up this year. (Is that dumb!?) Maybe it's because I got married which separated me a little more from my family (if that sounds bad I will add that after I got engaged my parents said once I was married they would end their family phone plan since we were no longer a family. I was like what the heck we aren't a family any more!? hahaha). 

One of my favorite things from this year - Sam started the Sorcerer's Stone on our honeymoon and recently finished the Deathly Hollows. I love that he now loves everything Harry Potter just like me! So yes, one of my favorite things to do currently is talk about Harry Potter with him!!!

The Definition of Success

One of the most powerful aspects of PowerSheets are the prompts and how they force you to define your heart and feelings. Success is a common word in our vocabulary but when you ask someone to define it most people define it differently. For me, I decided that success meant being content. I want to be content with the decisions I have made. For example in my career - I love making money and getting promotions, of course, who doesn't?! But at the end of the day, I want a career and position that I am content with - one that challenges me, I can leave at the office and allows me flexibility and time to spend with the people I love and doing the things that I love. I love the company I currently work and at this point, I don't plan on leaving and I am very happy with that decision. I especially love how much my company cares about it's employees "work-life balance" (zing word!). I also see success as so much more than something achieved in a workplace or in your bank account. I want to be content in my marriage, my family, my relationships, my home - in all areas. 

How do you define success? I would love you know how you all define success in your own life because so many people define it in a different way which is great and so interesting. Sam and I have had numerous, informal conversations about what success means for us. You can't be a cohesive team if you aren't both working towards the same goal. I love doing life with Sam and being forced to put my thoughts into words. It can be very frustrating but it's so good and teaches me about myself.