What's Up Wednesday

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Happy Wednesday! I love answering these simple prompts. They are so fun! My go-to question for anyone is always "what's your favorite...?" I think this is a form of that!

What I'm Eating This Week... We had steak fajita salad tonight! A lot of dinner plans going out to eat/more steak fajita salads this week mostly.

What I'm Reminiscing About... Warm weather. The winter has been pretty mild here so far and our random warm days keep making me think winter is over and spring is on it's way. (This time last year we had a huge snow storm!)

What I'm Loving... A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix! It's so good and funny!

What We've Been Up To...  I feel like the main thing I've been doing recently is running! Haha I am running a lot of miles and I am really proud of myself!

What I'm Dreading... Work. It hasn't been super enjoyable recently and I am living for the weekends!

What I'm Working On... This blog! I am trying to blog consistently and make this blog even more beautiful. I'm currently attempting to install Disqus and struggling. Can anyone help!? 

What I'm Excited About... I'm reminiscing about last year's warm weather and looking forward to this years! We don't have anything big planned for February currently - Sam has to get surgery in the middle of the month on his ear. :( 

What I'm Watching Reading... When Breath Becomes Air and Erasing Hell. I have been on a reading kick this month!

What I'm Listening To... Currently watching Lovesick on Netflix

What I'm Wearing... Sam's flannel shirt and sweat pants (sooo comfy)

What I'm Doing This Weekend... No set plan. We want to visit another, new church. I think we are doing dinner with my parents one night. Also, a 10 mile run. 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month... I think we are traveling somewhere the weekend before Sam gets his surgery... tbd! 

What Else Is New... I have been reading, running and cooking a lot. We have been pretty big homebodies and I have loved it.