Life Lately

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Our life lately has been slow and full. After a lot of traveling and packed weekends from October through year-end I wanted to focus on a lot of free weekends in January. I knew this would be the best way to start off strong with my 2017 goals. So many things get pushed aside when time is tight and I wanted to focus and prep on the things I needed to do in order to set us up well. So we said "no" and planned to have a lot of margin.

I don't think that saying "no" is that hard for me. It does vary time to time but truly lazy days in our house together are my absolutely favorite thing. We are really homebodies. But at the same time we love adventures, our friends and family and have some FOMO. We are only halfway through the month but I realized something the other day. There have been times this year where I've sat on the couch thinking "isn't there something I should be doing?!" and there isn't. I've wondered if we have said "no" too much. We have stayed on track with our goals - daily, weekly and monthly. Sam and I also made three goals together at the beginning of the year. We are already close to achieving one of them!

my favorite time of day

The other thing is, even though we've said no to things, we have spent a lot of quality time with our favorite people. Often I need to make sure I plan monthly time with my favorites, because if you don't get it done. Most of our closest friends and family we have seen at least once, and we are only halfway through the month! It's blown me away that by planning to have margin in our days we have accomplished so much more in half a month than we usually do in an entire month.

This month we have done a lot of planning and cooking. We have celebrated two birthdays of two very important people. By the time this posts I should have run around 65 miles this month and lost 3 pounds. I found more consistency in my routine. So far this month has been off to a really great start! I hope we have more months like this. I hope I can stick to this routine, especially my morning quiet times, running and cooking! (I plan to recap the recipes I've made monthly. There are some new favorites!)