Life Lately

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Our life lately has been slow and full. After a lot of traveling and packed weekends from October through year-end I wanted to focus on a lot of free weekends in January. I knew this would be the best way to start off strong with my 2017 goals. So many things get pushed aside when time is tight and I wanted to focus and prep on the things I needed to do in order to set us up well. So we said "no" and planned to have a lot of margin.

5 Things I Love About Working for a Big Company

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Colorado Springs

I work for a big company in "corporate America". It's definitely not where I thought I would ever work and even when I started working there after college I thought I would be there a year max. (I will have to share that story another day.) Sam brought that sentiment up the other day when I said I wasn't sure if I could move somewhere else because I didn't think I'd ever find a company I loved working for as much! I love where I work! Sometimes I think big companies get a bad rap so I wanted to share why I love working for one so much!

2016 Running Recap

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our little running group // 2016 RNRDC Finisher

One of my favorite bloggers Teri shared her running recap a week ago and I loved reading it! I thought this would be a great way to summarize my year and compare my years to come!