Friday Favorites vol. 8

Friday, January 13, 2017

Another Friday Favorites joining the link-up on Erika's blog! I missed a few of these but I love recording my random favorites.


I recently finished reading The Night Circus and I loved it! But I semi-regret reading it instead of listening to the audiobook. The audiobook is read by, none other than, Jim Dale! In case you don't know he read the Harry Potter audiobooks. He is so talented and has the best voice. I still remembered when he left me a message at my house to tell me my reserved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book had arrived at my local Barnes & Noble! I think I may immediately listen to the book on tape!


I mentioned this sweater in my gift list post. My brother got it for me for Christmas and I am obsessed! It's so cute and cozy! Also please see the picture above where I opened the sweater Christmas morning and then immediately had to wear it! But isn't it so cute with red pants?! 


These are my favorite things to eat for fuel during a run (and sometimes immediately before or after). They never upset my stomach and really help me to not get nauseous. The margarita ones are my favorite because 1. I love margs and 2. I love the salty/sweet combo! I would love to know any favorites anyone else has. (I like the gels but sometimes they upset my stomach.)


Is this real life!? I am a huge A Series of Unfortunate Events fan! I actually really liked the Jim Carrey movie that came out years ago and I am so excited that Netflix is restarting the series. Hopefully they will finish it too! I really love it and I'm so excited it's coming out tomorrow! On Friday the 13th! I always think Friday the 13th's are exciting, is that weird!?

Happy weekend everyone!