2016 : A Year in Review : Part 1

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Well I think it's safe to say this was my best year ever! I can't believe I got married this year or that I'm old enough to be married! Haha When prepping my 2017 PowerSheets I was thinking I didn't do that much until after we got married. But then I realize that was partially because most of the things accomplished were wedding related! I had so much fun with all the wedding planning and parties and especially seeing so many people so many times who I don't usually get to see because they live far away. Okay here we go! I'm using my Facebook memories for help remembering what all I did!


  • We visited Richmond to spend time with some of our favorite people and it happened to be Edgar Allen Poe's birthday weekend! I've always wanted to go to the Richmond Poe museum and it was so fun. We had a great weekend. We need to go back soon. We have a lot of college friends and family who live in Richmond. Sometimes I dream about moving there... but we love Baltimore so much!
  • I visited Patricia for the weekend and asked her to be my MOH! I love this picture of us. Evan thanks for always being our photographer!


February was probably my second favorite month of the year because we did our engagement photos AND Brandy visited from Mississippi and we had a sisters weekend! Both weekends were the best! We took our engagement photos in my grandparents town and I loved spending extra, special time with them.

My sisters and I in the wedding suite!


  • Sam & BJ got married!!! They are two of my favorite people and I was beyond honored to stand up there with them when they got married! 
  • Sam, Jesse and I also ran our second DC RNR half marathon! We had a great time and I love doing things the three of us!


I am so glad I did this recap! I realized going through my year I accomplished so many things I have always wanted to do!

  • This was a huge month for me because I did something I have always wanted to. I traveled for work!!! I went to one of our offices in Colorado Springs. Colorado was beautiful and I was jealous of their view (see below).
  • After my work trip I went to Saratoga Springs to visit one of my favorite friends who I have spent way too little time with since college, Shelley! Shelley and Bryan were the best hosts and I loved seeing their sweet town. (I also finished Me Before You while visiting them and cried so much. Oh also the introduced me to Veep which I love!)
Seriously this is my co-workers' view!


My bachelorette weekend!!! I am so thankful for these ladies and I love this photo. I have beautiful friends (and sisters)! I am so thankful they all came together to celebrate me and I am super thankful that Brandy came to Maryland three times this year to celebrate me!


  • I traveled for work AGAIN! Gosh this fact blows me away. I am so blessed by my job. Recently it's been a little rough in the workplace and I need to remember that this is a season and there isn't anywhere else I would rather work! This time I traveled to Chicago for a conference and Jesse also came to Chicago for a few days during the same time. This is a view from Cindy's Rooftop which was an awesome bar with an awesome view!
  • We also ran the Baltimore 10 Miler which resulted in the photo below which I love! I was waving at MB and I love the joy on my face that is captured whenever I see her! :) I'm wearing a tank from Back on my Feet which is also where MB works!
See Sam in the background?!

When I started this post I thought I would definitely only do one post because I didn't have that much going on right!? This year has been the biggest joy and blessing! I love this recap and I hope y'all do too!