Friday Favorites

Friday, January 6, 2017

Another Friday Favorites joining the link-up on Erika's blog! I missed a few of these but I love recording my random favorites.


I may be a little behind on this video but... oh. my. gosh. My brother showed this to me over Christmas and, full disclosure, I didn't know who Von Miller was at the time. (He is a linebacker for the Denver Broncos and was the Super Bowl MVP last year, now we are up to date.) I asked about him because we were watching a Broncos game and he's wearing those glasses when they show his profile during the game. I cannot stop watching this video! I want to learn those dance moves!!!


Our rooftop deck! We had a few friends over for New Year's Eve and right before midnight we went up on our deck. We could see at least 5 firework displays!


This recipe - one skillet chicken with green beans and bacon. Sam and I both loved it! It was easy and so very tasty. It was healthy and it was very good leftover. I think this will become a staple in our house.


I got a pair of these pajamas monogrammed for Christmas and I just love them. They are so cozy. Also I think they are somewhat flammable because top and bottoms have a big tag that says "do not get near flame". Well I have been cooking in them so hopefully I won't catch fire soon!

Happy weekend! Am I the only one who thought this week was unusually long!?