January Goals

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! I disappeared for a while but now I am back and one of my goals for this year is to keep this blog going! (Or, let's be honest, maybe I will decide I'm not enjoying this hobby but I want to give it a good try before I give up!) I am excited about the new year and I am pretty sure it will be my best year yet.

I used PowerSheets for the first time last year and I loved it. I enjoyed the prep work this year even more. I found it extra meaningful to be able to read through last year's work. Some of my favorite posts to read on others' blogs are goal setting. I still would love to own the tank my friend Becky texted me a while ago that read "goal digger". I, maybe obsessively, love setting goals and PowerSheets are a great resource for not only setting but also achieving goals. Throughout this week I want to record the process of how I set my 2017 goals. I hope it will inspire some of you and I would love if you all shared your goal posts with me.

My word for the month of January to be "spark" (I will share my word for the year later this week). I chose spark because I want to light a spark at the start of the year and keep that flame burning! We are trying to keep our activities to a minimum in January. We overexerted ourselves the past few months (doing very fun things! but too many of them!) and I would love a month mostly spent at home, creating good routines.

Monthly Goals:

- Lose 4 pounds : By counting my calories, exercising daily, strength training weeking and eating more produce.
- Run > 83 miles : This may be one of my crazier goals but... I really want to run 1000 miles this year! I want to get some P.R.s and become a better, faster runner. My brother is so motivating with this goal and I want to be as fast, or almost as fast, as him!
- 1 week sugar fast : I want to try to eat no sugar, alcohol or processed food for the first week of January. I know it's only a week and most sugar fasts recommended doing it for longer ... but I think this will help get me on track and craving real food.
- Memorize 1 verse :  I want to grow in my faith and knowledge of God and memorizing scripture has definitely been missing in my life the last few years.
- Attend 2 new churches : Sam and I have not found a church we want to get connected with but we are making this a priority and finding a church community this year. We are planning to be home most weekends this month partially for this reason.
- Celebrate 2 birthdays of loved ones : It's my mom and one of my sister-in-law's birthdays. I want to celebrate them in a special and meaningful way!
- Stick to budget : We have to get better at this! I think the next goal will help with that ...
- Complete Part 1 of the Contentment Challenge : I've been wanting to attempt this for a while and I think I am ready to next month! It seems like I have been spending more and more and I need to focus on meaningful spending.
- Read 3 Books : 2016 was an awesome year of reading and I (finally) achieved my goal of reading 25 books in a year! I actually went over my goal and I have currently read 31 books! This year I want to aim for 36 books.

Weekly Goals:

- Strength train twice weekly
- Pray with Sam
- Serve Sam (in a unique way)
- >3 blog posts
- pre-plan meals
- evaluate self-care

Daily Goals:

- Stay under calorie allotment
- Quiet time
- Pray
- Cleaning routine