Blog-tember Day 4 - Currently

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Blog-tember Day 4 - Currently

our first selfie on our rooftop deck!

Reading... Voyager, I am working my way through the Outlander series and I love them!
Listening to... A loud box fan that helps me sleep and night and not hear the house creaking and my husband putting together our sofa

Watching... Nothing currently but I turn on Bob's Burgers and Orphan Black the most often 
Trying... To figure out where to put everything in our new home. We moved yesterday!
Cooking... I've been a bit lazy cooking this past week but I have meals planned for next week. I'm excited to try this recipe.
Eating... ate HomeSlyce pizza for lunch and dinner last night, looking at brunch places to go with Rose and Chris this morning
Drinking... VitaCoco Coconut water with peach & mango, coconut water is the best and always makes me feel so good!
Calling... The last person I called was Sam (no surprise there) but the last long phone conversation I had was with Brandy.
Texting... Most recently my Dad
Pinning... A lot of home decor and organization ideas
Tweeting... I never tweet. I think I've deleted my account? I love Instagram! My last post was with Brandy from my visit.
Going... I'm going to Cambridge, MD with my mom in a few weeks! It'll so fun and relaxing and I cannot wait! 
Loving... being done with moving
Hating... there is so much clutter currently. So much to do!
Discovering... the blogging world! Hello!
Thinking... can I walk and get a PSL this morning ...?
Feeling... excited for this new adventure in a new place!
Hoping... for a routine and to get involved with a church nearby
Celebrating... On Thursday we will have been dating for 3 years!
Smelling... I don't think I smell anything right now... coconut water?
Ordering... I am sure a lot of online home purchases are about to be made but none yet
Thanking... Our dear friends and family that helped us move and are about to help us paint!
Considering... a PSL is weighing heavily on my mind...
Starting... the process of building our first home
Finishing... unpacking!

What are y'all up to?!