Blog-tember Day 19 - Weekend Wrap-up

Monday, September 19, 2016

Blog-tember Day 19 - Weekend Wrap-up

I have been blogging for less than a month so all my favorite blog posts you have read within the last few days. This past weekend was fun and full and I wanted to remember all the Baltimore-loving things we did! Summer don't leave!

All the crabs!

the resort // my run views

To start off the "weekend" I traveled Thursday and Friday with my Mom to Cambridge, Maryland. She had a conference at the beautiful Hyatt Resort and I did some work remotely while I was there. It was some really great time catching up with her and relaxing. Even the car trip was so fun because we had so much to talk about! I am so thankful we were able to do a little getaway and hopefully we can do more getaways just us more often (although we definitely missed Dad and Sam too!).

lunch views at Hemingway's

On our way back home Friday we stopped at a restaurant called Hemingway's for lunch. It was right on the water in view of the Bay Bridge, if you've ever driven across the Bay Bridge you've definitely seen Hemingway's! It was beautiful and the weather was perfect for sitting outside. It is feeling more like fall here which is exciting but also a bit sad.

Conrad's of course - my first job!

Friday night Sam and I joined some of our friends for a little crabs feast. The crabs were delicious and the company was even better. We loved spending time with those people and it's especially fun to spend time with couples in the same life stages as us (#sweet16) and friends who aren't! We all don't hang out nearly enough (I think the last time was Christmas!). I definitely want to make more time for gatherings like these.

Hampdenfest // Trohv planner love

Saturday morning we had an introductory meeting with a financial planner at Starbucks (PSL!). I am so glad we met with the planner and he's a friend of my Dad's and did it for free! Big win! He gave us some things to adjust in our current financial plan while also ensuring us we were in a great place. Still deciding if we would like to permanently hire a financial planner - I think that may be something for a little later in life but it couldn't hurt right?

Afterwards we headed to Hampden which is where we were both living the first year we dated. It seems like whenever we go to Hampden there is some kind of festival that closes the street down. I think that's because Hampden is a super fun, super neighborhood-centric area. This year it happened to be Hampdenfest! Sam got his haircut at his favorite barber while I window shopped. I cannot help but spend a lot of time in Trohv. If you are ever in Hampden you must go. It's similar to a local Anthropologie and I always want to buy the whole store! This time I a Simplified Planner caught my eye, but whenever I buy planner I don't use them. I may try a cheaper one from Target but ... I want an SP so bad! And now I could get it monogrammed!? Love!

Baltimore Seafood Festival

After Hampden we headed home to go to the Baltimore Seafood Festival! I don't think we would do it again next year because it was crowded and a little pricey but it was also fun and good!
We ate a bunch of great seafood of course (oysters!) and had lots of yummy cocktails (uh mostly me because Sam gave me his tickets). We also had an ice cream sandwich from Cream Cruiser and it was amazing! It was a pretty packed Baltimore day!

Sunday we did a lot of errand running and watched the Ravens game with my grandparents. Our house is really coming together more and more and it feels more like our home every day!

((Disclaimer: I accidentally deleted this post so ... I typed it all up again because I want to remember this weekend!))