Blog-tember Day 16 - How Do I Relax

Friday, September 16, 2016

Blog-Tember Day 17 - How do I De-Stress?

I strongly dislike stress. I don't think anyone would say they like stress but I really don't like it. Granted, tight deadlines definitely help to get my butt moving, but I think generally I am good at making myself de-stress... Or maybe I am just a lazy person? Who knows!? Above I have gathered some Instagrams of my favorite ways to relax and say no to stress!

running. I love to run. Well... I mostly love to run. As mentioned above I am quite lazy so when I get out of the groove it is often hard to get back into a running routine. However I definitely sleep better when I run and it is a great stress reliever! I always feel better about myself and my day when I have run. I also love running races with friends recently!

wine. bachelor. yoga pants. This is most likely my #1 favorite way to de-stress because it is all my favorite things! Becky and I always try to watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise together. We usually make dinner together and drink some wine. I bought us these tanks last year for Christmas and we love them! Also they are really flattering and comfy so I highly recommend the purchase!

walks. Walks are different than running and relieve stress in a different way! When I go for long walks I feel like life slows down. We live in a fast paced world and walking just says "I'm not in a hurry!". I love the conversations you can have on walks. I love exploring new places while walking or enjoying old places (like the beach!) on wonderful long walks. I also love my Chacos!

friends. I love time with friends, especially friends who are almost family. We love time with Rose and Chris (Sam's sister and her husband) and our favorite things to do together are be lazy! I love friends who you can be lazy with and don't need an agenda of things to do together. We rarely take pictures when we are with Rose and Chris so I was really excited about this selfie stick!

reading. books help me escape, they help me sleep better if I read them before bed, they are my favorite ways to spend a vacation. I miss that I didn't have many weekends at the beach this summer, but I guess I did have a week long honeymoon with lots of reading!

How do you de-stress? Any tips?