Blog-tember Day 6 - Create a Playlist

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blog-tember Day 6 - Create a Playlist

I honestly don't listen to music that often - except when I am driving. But when I'm at work, in long car rides or running I like to listen to podcasts or books on tape! Maybe that's weird but I get tired of music and podcasts and books keep me more interested. I especially love saving books I'm really enjoying for my runs. It makes the time go by so much faster!

My current favorites are a bit of a variety and definitely not for everyone, but I love them and I cannot stop listening to them!

1. Dave Ramsey's Podcast - This is one of the most nerdy things I do but I love Dave's podcast. He is great a "tough love". His advice to the listeners really hits home with me and reminds me of, honestly, how spoiled I am and how much I want to spend my money keeping up with others. So many things that I tell myself I "need" are luxuries. The success stories also get me every time and I typically tear up at least once while listening! I really love it and I find it so encouraging.

2. My Favorite Murder - One the other hand ... I love true crime. It's so fascinating. This podcast is definitely R-rated due to language but Karen and Georgia are two hilarious women and the murder stories they share are so interesting. I've already listened to the entire series once and now I'm going through and listening to it again and it is just as interesting the second time!

3. Eragon - Especially while running I love, love, love listening to audio books! I borrow them from my public library through the Overdrive app. I typically listen to young adult books or mysteries because they are the most likely to keep my attention. Currently Sam's reading the Harry Potter books for me and I'm listening to the Eragon series (I've already half read it twice) for him. But speaking of Harry Potter ...

4. Harry Potter - I own the Harry Potter audio books and obviously they are my favorite all time everything. So I am always listening to a Harry Potter book while in between loans from the library. I cannot get enough of them. Seriously I love listening to books and podcasts while running (I really loved listening to Serial while half marathon training).