Blog-tember Day 14 - Mood Board

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blog-tember Day 14 - Mood Board

the highlands. Scotland is almost constantly on my mind these days. I am reading through the Outlander book series which take place in Scotland and I feel like I keep randomly hearing or seeing things about Scotland. I am really hoping we will be able to travel there this summer! The scenery looks stunning and the more I learn about the history the more I want to learn. I have always been fascinated by Mary Queen of Scots (Does anyone watch Reign? It doesn't take place in Scotland and definitely isn't historically accurate but still so good!). I am very into all things Scotland right now!

our wedding party. I love them and I love the colors we used. I ordered some wedding photos last week and should be getting them soon. I cannot wait to hang them around our home and remember that day! I also love the colors blue and grey and that's how we are decorating most of our home so the pictures will complement perfectly!

fall & coffee. It is not fall yet. Yes I have had a Pumpkin Spice Latte but not it's not fall, it's still in the 80s, I'm still wearing shorts and tanks... But I have always loved this photo. It's so cozy looking! I have been loving my coffee in the morning (thanks Rose & Chris for our amazing Moccamaster!) and I am hoping one morning soon we will have breakfast and coffee on our deck! 

cozy bedroom. I love the cool, calming colors (blue & grey) and how cozy this looks! I love cuddling in bed... all day!

tv gallery wall. This makes the TV look so cute! I want to duplicate this in our home. I also love the antlers! 

gallery wall with wooden headboard. I love the look of wooden accents and I loved this gallery wall! I thought the wedding photos were displayed in a beautiful way. I have more or less duplicated this look over our bed, I just need to hang the frames (and hopefully Sam can make us a headboard soon). Can you have too many gallery walls? Sam says yes, Emily Clark says no. This gallery wall and the one mentioned above are on walls facing each other... but I still think it will look great.