Blog-tember Day 11 - Favorite Instagrammers

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blog-tember Day 11 - Favorite Instagrammers

I love Instagram! It is, without a doubt, my favorite social media platform. I am pretty sure it is the first thing I look at in the morning. #badhabits I love seeing pictures and I know it's why I don't really like twitter ... because pictures are so much more fun right!? I hope I am able to introduce y'all to some great people to follow!

1. @katemidleton If you love Kate Middleton you must follow this account! She is always posting the most recent photos of Kate with details on whatever she is wearing. She also sporadically posts about Kate's family, history, etc. I love all things Kate Middleton and I love all the information this Instagram supplies. Seriously it's my favorite. My friend Becky shared it with me and I love when we send things to each other. Although typically she knows exactly what outfit I'm talking about before I say anything because we both cannot get enough of Kate!

2. @laracasey Lara is so encouraging and I love all the things she posts. She continually points me towards the Lord's truth and reminds me that I was made to be me! I love her vision behind her business and her vulnerability with her personal life. 

3. @cctvnews I traveled to China a few summer ago with my brother. I never thought I was that interested in Asian culture but I loved China! I want to go back ASAP. Maybe I will do a post on that in the future because I was surprised by how much I loved China and I want to take everyone there. I started following the China news a few years ago on Instagram. I mostly like it because sometimes they share really ridiculous news stories. I should have found a funnier one than a baby dressed as Pikachu but seriously some of them are really ridiculous.

4. @nancyray Nancy Ray's Instagram and blog and so life-giving. She is very authentic with her life and her walk with the Lord. I think her blog is my most re-read. She has written many posts on organization, her spiritual life, paying off debt, fears about becoming a mother... She is so real and encouraging and I love being challenged and encouraged by her walk with the Lord. Also her daughter Milly, I mean, she is just too cute! I want to duplicate the above photo session whenever I have a daughter. (I have almost bought those headbands a few times to be prepared... that's embarrassing.)

5. @natgeo I love National Geographic's photos and I like to say my dream job would be a Nat Geo shark photographer.... 

6. @victoriastrader I love Victoria and her adorable little son (with so much hair!). I have especially loved her photos from her most recent European vacation. (Look at the photo above!) I love her desire to follow the Lord in all things, her authenticity, hey style, her British/Southern roots, her love of travel (and Kate) and little Beau.