October Goals

Monday, October 3, 2016

October Goals

I love goals, I love everyone's goal posts, I love PowerSheets (the 2017 set is going to be released November 1st, I cannot wait!). I cannot believe it's already October! I have been slacking on my PowerSheets the last few months with the wedding, honeymoon and moving but I am determined to finish the year strong! 

Let's do this! I want to encourage each other throughout the month. 

Monthly Goals

- Go to church 2x. (Full discloser - Sam and I have been struggling with plugging into a church and making ourselves get up on Sunday mornings. This is really important to both of us and I know once we decide where we want to go it will be easier to keep up with it.)
- Lose weight. (I have gained some weight over our honeymoon/first few months of marriage. I want to get rid of this extra fluff)
- Celebrate MaryBeth and Chris' wedding (So excited about this!) 
- Memorize 1 Bible verse
- Start a prayer journal (any tips here?)
- FaceTime with my nephews (I want to make this a more regular thing! Let's start with once a month!)
- Finish the Baltimore half (my training has been awful, finishing is worth celebrating)
- Generously host Jesse over the half marathon weekend
- Don't go out to eat until after the the half 

Weekly Goals

- Do 1 home to-do from my list (our home is mostly put together but there are lots of little things to do!) 
- Pray with Sam 
- Run 25 miles (right now I'm running ... less ... haha but I have wanted this to be a habit for a while and I want to be doing this consistently by year end)
- Lose weight
- Talk to 1 family member on the phone

Daily Goals

- Stay under my calorie allotment
- Exervise 30 minutes
- Quiet time (this has been going really well since we got married but I want to keep it up!)

Do y'all have any encouragement or recommendations for getting these accomplished?

I cannot wait to read your goals!