Friday Favorites

Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites

Another Friday Favorites joining the link-up on Erika's blog! Let's go!


bride & bridesmaids selfie

I already mentioned it in the weekender but MaryBeth's wedding was definitely a favorite of mine. I have been reliving this day throughout the week and it makes me so happy! They newlyweds aren't leaving for their honeymoon for another week and now that we are neighbors we have also seen them twice this week which has been so fun!


The concept of time can sometimes overwhelm me. It seems like there is never enough of it to do all the things you want to do and need to do. I've really loved reading Emily's post on the concept of slowing down and how much your mentality on time and stress can change your entire outlook on life honestly. Read Part 1, Part 2 and this article that she cites numerous times throughout her post. They are all so good! Thank you for sharing your heart behind this Emily! I want to change mine (and other's) perspective on time and stress!


It is news to no one that Crock Pots are amazing. But I just started using mine for the first time in forever last week. Already it's a game changer! I love having at least one night a week where I can come home and I have an amazing meal already prepared. I have really loved cooking recently but having a night with nothing to do is wonderful (we eat leftovers ever other night more or less so I don't cook every night... but it's nice to have another night off haha). I mentioned the pot roast recipe I made last week in the weekender. I later found out my sister-in-law made the same recipe this week! This week I made this recipe. Next week I am planning to make chili one day and maybe a red curry beef recipe too! Send me all your Crock Pot recommendations because currently I am on a role!


Recently I have been binge watching old seasons of Survivor on Hulu Plus. Once I start I just can't stop! I really like binge watching competitive reality TV shows. Top Chef is my favorite but they still haven't added the most recent season to Hulu which annoys me! I also love The Biggest Loser and cry every other episode. I recently started Broadchurch which I enjoy but it's very serious. Has anyone else watched that? Does it keep getting better?

Have a great weekend everyone!