Lessons I've Learned

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lessons I've Learned

Once a month I wanted to recap lessons I have learned. I want to be intentional about learning more about God and life in general. I don't want to forget the things I have been learning. I learn so much from other bloggers and I hope this can be the start of us learning from each other!

Since getting married I starting reading through the whole Bible, a historical plan (which so far is the same as reading the Bible start to finish). So what have I been learning?

I have learned...

- The Israelites turn away from God and want to go back to Egypt so many times! (I know this but I'm always surprised when I reread the Old Testament.) I always see myself reflected in their back and forth. How many times have I turned and tried to do my own thing. How many times have I desired to go back to a time or place I deemed as "better"? But returning to the past cannot be done. Every season has a reason (cliche?) and that is 100x easier to say than to truly believe. Honestly, the past four years I have struggled with my relationship with God now vs. in college (I will definitely be blogging these thoughts in the future). I believe it was in this webinar Lara Casey used the phrase "fresh new faith" and those words have been ringing in my head ever since. I am (attempting) to focus on fresh, new faith in the Lord and not comparing my now with my past (or with anyone else's now). This is so much easier to write than it is to live but that is currently what I am working on.

- Last Sunday we went to church with my parents. One question the pastor asked convicted me "What are the great ideas I think someone else should do?" I am not sure what the answer to that question is necessarily but it has been thinking. 

- Prayer matters! My prayer life is dismal at best but I am trying to make it a priority. I made a prayer journal last week and assigns certain ares to certain days of the week. When I start praying I so want there to be an immediate something. Either a change in my perspective, an answer to prayer... I don't know what but whatever I am looking for I am looking for it immediately. That often doesn't happen. But keep being consistent. Even if it's only for a few minutes a day or every other day. Start somewhere and be faithful! I have experienced little movements in my heart and mind over the past week that are an answer to prayer. They are small movements and they took a few weeks of prayer but they are there and I have confidence they will continue to grow. 

What have you learning? What are some quotes or verses that have stood out?