The Weekender + What We Ate

Monday, October 24, 2016

my beautiful family

This weekend was hard but also wonderful. We travelled to the small town in Virginia where my Dad grew up to celebrate the life of my great uncle. 
This wasn't fun but it was beautiful. My Uncle Lee was a wonderful man and the most fun uncle! I loved hearing others' stories about him and spending time with my family was the best. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I get to gather with Dad's family who we don't get to see as often (we live nearby my mama's family). I felt like this was another Thanksgiving all spending time together, sharing our favorite memories of Uncle Lee. I was also really thankful that Sam knew and loved him and that I has him there with me.

Also my mom signed a book as a family and I wasn't included! Because now I am my own family. And I don't share the same last name. It was a weird moment! I have seen our names all signed in her handwriting numerous times but this was the first time I wasn't included! Also I slept in the same bed as Sam at my grandparents! Even my grandma agreed it was weird! Haha I love being a newlywed. The idea of getting used to it is bizarre, but also weird that I will have his last name longer than I will have my family's! How am I old enough to be married!?

What We Ate -

I made my first meal that just wasn't good and I'm not sure what happened. It was also a busy week and I did not cook very much!

Skinnytaste Slow Cook Paleo Jalapeno Popper Chili - This turned out very mushy and not good. We actually threw most of it away. I'm not sure what happened, I've added a comment to the Skinnytaste site but it hasn't posted yet. I used 93% ground beef not 95%... I don't think it would be a big difference but ... it was not good and I was so sad!

Mexican Roasted Zucchini - Very, very good and very, very easy. I want to make this every week! It was a little spicy which I loved. I will definitely be repeating this recipe!