Friday Favorites

Friday, October 28, 2016

Another Friday Favorites joining the link-up on Erika's blog! Let's go!


Tell America It's Great. This video! Ya'll must watch it! Seriously it is a must! It made me cry. Who knew I cared so much about what Canada thought about me. But thank you Canada! I think you are pretty great too! 

You may have noticed but I have a new blog layout! I am so excited about it! Thank you 17th Avenue Designs! I love it! I am still working on a little bit of customizing but I love it.


Last week one of my Friday Favorites was free wine. If there is a week I get free wine you know it will be included in my favorites. One of my favorites stores within walking distance is Chesapeake Wine Company. The decor is adorable and nautical. They have a lot of great local products, not only wine, beer, etc. They also have a little bar and sitting area in the back of the store. Oh and did I mention they have a frequent buyer awards program!? Well I haven't met my 10 purchases yet but last week they sent me a text that I got a free glass of wine. I enjoyed it very much (while talking running to my brother on the phone)! 


Sam and I are heading to Boston soon and I cannot wait to get away and travel together! I love him and I can never get enough time with him! Also our house is still a mess. What are the bets it will be cleaned up before we leave?


This week I made my first soup. I felt incredibly fancy and the soup did not disappoint! It was so good I want to serve it to my parents next time we have them over (which is a big deal because my Dad is quite the chef so I always attempt to impress him). Sam and I both loved it!

Have a great weekend everyone!