The Weekender + What We Cooked

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

In addition to a summary of my weekend I also want to include new recipes we ate the week before. I want to remember what we are eating and I would love to share recipes we have enjoyed with y'all.

This weekend Sam went to a friend's wedding in Mississippi and I went to Ocean City with two friends. The weather wasn't sunny but at least it was warm!

Friday night we drove to the beach and made pizzas that were so yummy! We also made some Grapefruit Crushes - which we realized it is a local cocktail! It is a take on an Orange Crush and it is one of my absolute favorite cocktails! We did not have Triple Sec or Sprite but lemon/orange Perrier was a good substitute.

Saturday we went to the Bayside Skillet where Becky had never been! It is pretty good - mostly crepes and omelettes, but I will say I think there are better breakfast places in Ocean City. 

We then hung out around the condo, watched Game of Thrones (Becky's first time! It is pretty sad watching it from the beginning,remembering how sad I was with the things that happened early in season 1... and how they pale in comparison to all the sadness that is to come... but still it is seriously the best show!), went to happy hour at one of our favorite places, Skye Bar, (more grapefruit crushes & some oysters) and finally headed to dinner at Liquid Assets. I highly recommend this restaurant! The cheese plate was awesome and they had so many different options of cheese and meats. Y'all should know I love my cheese plates!

After dinner we went back home, watched more Game of Thrones and ate some yummy pumpkin cookies Becky made! They were super easy - just a pack of cake mix, a can of pumpkin and some chocolate chips! They are an awesome fall treat. They are almost a mix between a muffin and a cookie.

What I Cooked This Week ...

I only cooked two dinners this week because we were both away this weekend. One recipe I have wanted to cook for a while and one because I was looking for a recipe that would use some ingredients I had on hand. Both were very good and I will definitely make them again! I especially loved the curry recipe! And now I have some curry paste so I am excited to start making more curry!

Thai Kitchen Red Curry Chicken - I used frozen green beans as the vegetable and they worked great!

Black Bean & Butternut Squash Enchilada Casserole - I made this with flour tortillas that worked great. Any suggestions on cutting up a butternut squash?