5 Reasons I Love Baltimore

Thursday, October 27, 2016

I have lived in Baltimore my whole life aside from my four years at Virginia Tech. I will be honest, I haven't always loved my hometown. But ever since going away to college and spending some time outside of Baltimore, I can honestly say I, quite passionately, love it here! I think Baltimore is wonderful for more than five reasons, but currently these are my top five.

1. The Harbor

I suppose a lot of major cities are on some kind of harbor because that's what helped them become big cities, but having the harbor is magical. Along the harbor you can explore my favorite parts of the city, run a beautiful route or enjoy great food with a view. There are also always interesting events going on on the harbor. I mean look at that picture! It's beautiful. 

2. The People

I'm not even talking about my friends and family here (although they are the best people!), but all the people of Baltimore. There is literally a bar down the street from us called "Smaltimore" which is a common nickname for the city. Here there is no such thing as "7 Degrees of Separation", I think three degrees is the max we go. Somehow everyone knows someone you know. (Does that make sense?) Here's an example, a co-worker of Sam's and a co-worker of mine are super good friends. They aren't even from Baltimore (and neither is Sam!) but somehow Baltimore brings people together and now my co-worker knows random things about me because Sam mentions them his co-worker! It is a weird and wonderful thing.

3. The Food

And by food I definitely mean the seafood! Seafood is my favorite thing, especially crabs and oysters. A lot of people aren't super big fans of seafood or specifically blue crabs... but I think those people could, possibly, be wrong!? I am biased but I love seafood all day every day and Baltimore is full of it! Did anyone say Old Bay!? 

4. The Location

Camden Yards

Baltimore is a prime location to a lot of other wonderful places to visit. From Baltimore you could make day trips (I have!) to DC, Philadelphia, New York City and Richmond! I don't realize how blessed I've been by where I grew up until I realized everyone doesn't get to take field trips to the nation's capital, the Liberty Bell or New York City. Baltimore has easy access to so many prime locations in America. (If you can't drive there, Baltimore is also a Southwest hub and there are always a lot of cheap flight options! We are heading to Boston soon and out tickets were $41 one way!)

5. The History

The conservatory where we got engaged!

The Star Spangled Banner was written in Baltimore! Fort McHenry is great to visit for all ages (okay let's be honest I haven't visited since an elementary school field trip but I plan to go with Sam soon, not sure if we will still fit in the Revolutionary War costumes but that was super fun when I was in young.). Edgar Allan Poe is from Baltimore (he died and was buried in Baltimore and I think that's what would mean the most to him). He was reportedly delirious on the streets of Baltimore a few days before he died. Was he deliriously happy? We will never know (too soon?). The Baltimore Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in America. The conservatory above is in the park with the zoo. The whole zoo used to be the grounds of a huge estate and the park is full of beautiful buildings. I could go on... and I want to make an effect to visit and blog about more historical spots in Baltimore!

I love being from Baltimore and I am so proud of my hometown! It makes my heart sing seeing Sam's Maryland license and license plate! My heart is full of pride for this city and state! I hope ya'll can see how beautiful this city is, whenever people visit I hope to show them that! 

Maryland pride ya'll