What's Up Wednesday

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy What's Up Wednesday! I love reading everyone's What's Up Wednesday and I am excited to post my own (and reflect on past Wednesdays in the future). Without further adieu... 
What I'm Eating This Week... Tonight Sam surprised me and took me out to eat. I ordered a Bison Buffalo Burger (bison, cheddar, bleu cheese and buffalo sauce) and it was AMAZING! 

What I'm Reminiscing About... 

We got engaged a year ago yesterday! Sam spoiled me by doing all of my favorite things... I wonder if we could reinvent this day every year because it was the best. date. ever!

What I'm Loving... There are a lot of things I am loving right now. For one I think I love using exclamation points because there are so many in the post. Funny story - one time I was telling a co-worker how to log into a certain database. The password ended in an exclamation point but he couldn't figure it out because I use exclamation points so often he assumed I was just excited about sharing the password!

What We've Been Up To...  We have been busy busy! We are currently planning short trips to Boston and New York City and attempting to catch up on housework. Our house is a mess! Laundry everywhere. Eek! As long as we have clothes for our weekend I am okay!

What I'm Dreading... I am looking to so much in the upcoming months! I'm dreading shots... I don't have any plans to get one but this prompt had me wondering when my next one would be ...

What I'm Working On... This blog! Decorating the house! Continuing to perfect my routine!

What I'm Excited About... Our trip to Boston! It's just our two so I feel like it's our first real trip together (aside from our honeymoon)!

What I'm Watching Reading... I'm reading All the Light We Cannot See. I love it! 

What I'm Listening To... I'm watching old seasons of Survivor. I'm watching an episode now. I'm obsessed.

What I'm Wearing... I am obsessed with these jeggings. They are 100% my clothing item I cannot live without!

What I'm Doing This Weekend... Hello Boston the Andrews are coming for you! Thank you Southwest for super cheap tickets!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month... Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday! I honestly wait! 

What Else Is New... One of my goals this month was to decide on our Christmas card. I love so many options from Minted and all their for the back of cards. 

Bonus Question: What is my favorite Halloween memory? One time my brother, two friends of ours and myself dressed up as the characters from The Wizard of Oz. That was definitely the best costume I ever had. I also miss dressing up with my college roomie ever year. Future costumes I would love to dress as - Wonder Woman and Romeo + Juliet (Leo and Claire Danes version).