The Weekender + What We Ate

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Weekender + What We Ate

the King Crab crew

This weekend was the Baltimore Running Festival! This was our final half marathon of the year (out of 3 plus a 10 miler) and I was very happy to be done. Honestly this whole year hasn't been a great year for running. I haven't put much effort into running. Now that wedding festivities are done and we have settled into our home I am determined to up my weekly mileage and get a PR next year!

favorites all around

The weekend sort of started Thursday evening when Sam and I went to the race expo to pick up everyone's race packets. We Ubered to the convention center, then decided to walk for a little bit on our way home. The weather was beautiful and I love to walk and take in the city. I felt like Thursday night was our first night when I thought "This is why we moved to the city". We stopped in Fells Point and ate at Riptide by the Bay. They had a $1 oyster special and clearly we ate a lot! Then we walked the rest of the way home along the harbor. It was the perfect impromptu date. 

The next night Jesse arrived and saw our new place for the first time. We took him to our favorite local bar across the street and then he spent the night. I love having guests! The next morning we were blessed with a late race start (9:45am). We ended up walking to the start line instead of attempting an Uber. It was a great walk and nice to warm up a bit. It was a relatively hot weekend in Maryland which I am not complaining about!

The race was not my fastest race, I actually walked a good amount. But Sam and I did the whole thing together which we have never done before. It was a great walk/jog and the time went by so fast! Last year I also didn't train adequately, was alone the whole race and was miserable. Even though I didn't have a great time I had a great race! I had so much fun doing the whole thing with Sam and being able to talk to the whole time! 

After the race we went to Southern Provisions. It was the first restaurant we checked off of our ongoing restaurant list we made when we moved. My mom said she recently read I bad review but I have no idea why! It was amazing! We all shared the pimento cheese dip and then I shared the Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict and Ham and Cheddar waffle with Shea. Everything was so cute and southern inspired. They also have a cool characteristics at the bar - you can buy a drink for a friend and write their name on a chalkboard, so they get the drink whenever they come to the bar next! I thought that was so cool and definitely makes it more of a local hangout place! 

Saturday night we had a fun dinner at my parents with Jesse and then spent the night because I was exhausted! Sunday we went to church with my parents, watched the Ravens game and celebrated my grandma's birthday. Our weekend was filled with intentional time with each other, family and friends! Those are my favorite kind of weekend!

What We Ate:

I am not very good at remembering take pictures of my meals! Which reminds me of this meme... 

  • Spicy Sausage and Mushroom Gnocchi - This was pretty good. It didn't have any sort of sauce which I missed. It was also a decent amount of calories but didn't feel very rich so I am not sure it was worth it, you know? I will say it was equally good leftover and I love a meal that's just as good when we heat it up for lunch the next day! But I'm not sure I will make this again.
  • Clean Eating Pumpkin Chicken Curry - This recipe was recommended on a friend's Facebook and I love my Crock Pot and curry! I served it over jasmine rice. I do think it was a little bland at first but before we ate it I added another pinch of salt, pepper, curry powder and a tablespoon of red curry paste. Those additions made a huge difference and we really enjoyed it!