The Weekender + What We Cooked

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This week was so full and so beautiful! We celebrated the final #sweet16 wedding (2 of my best friends and bridesmaids and I all got married this year!) this weekend and it was wonderful! We celebrated MaryBeth and gosh she and Chris are so loved! They are two people who are full of joy and always serving and loving their friends, family and community. It was so great to celebrate them with so many people whose lives they've impacted in beautiful ways! Also, isn't my wedding date just the most handsome guy?!

loving this eucalyptus

We started the festivities Thursday night with the local bridesmaids gathering to put together all the floral arrangements. MB is lucky she has so many artistic bridesmaids because I am not one of them! We had a lot of fun putting these together, drinking champagne and wine and eating brownies! A super fun pre-wedding girls night!

rehearsal time

Friday I took the day off work to spend the day with MB! We got lunch at Atwater's with Lisa, another beautiful bridesmaid, sat outside and ate some toasty soup. Atwater's has the best soup, salad and sandwiches bar none! Next was manicure/pedicure time which was wonderful. Then we grabbed the decor and headed to the rehearsal site!

bathroom selfie with the bride at the rehearsal of course

The rehearsal dinner was in the cutest restaurant with drinks and appetizers on the veranda and the weather was perfect for it! Dinner was so yummy and the whole night was so fun! 

The next morning we woke and drove to Frederick! We had a fun morning of doing each others' hair and makeup, taking selfies, laughing a lot and drinking mimosas aka my perfect morning! Actually let's me honest this is my perfect morning ... 

I love my Doritos

It was a rainy day but thankfully it stopped for the ceremony and reception. The bride was so beautiful and I cried a lot of happy tears. This was Sam and my first wedding since we were married and it was so special! I loved that the pastor asked the married couple to look at each other while he read the vows. They meant so much more to me and were a great reminder of what marriage means. 

"I DOE" || the beautiful bride en route to the wedding

I love weddings and I love speculating whose will be our next one but for now no weddings on the horizon! 

What I Cooked Last Week...

  • PaleOMG - Almost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie - I have wanted to make this for a while and I am so glad I finally did! Sam said it was his favorite spaghetti squash recipe yet (which is saying a lot because it's basically my favorite thing to cook with). I had to bake it closer to 70 minutes but it was great that night and leftover!
  • A Foodie Stays Fit - Super Simple Salmon Cakes - I only had a bite of these but I made them for Sam for lunch one day. He loves salmon cakes and they typically are less healthy than these. But he loved these and I did too! They were super easy - my only concern was they almost didn't stay together before they were cooked. I think I should have used a bigger can of salmon.
  • Mississippi Pot Roast - My co-worker recommended this and it was amazing! I am making another crockpot meal this week and they are so easy which I know everyone knows but I am so excited about how easy they are! I made them with Ina Garten's Garlic Roasted Potatoes which were also very yummy! My mother-in-law makes a family favorite pot roast which I really want to make some time but I was happy to find a similar recipe where I can use the crockpot! 

What were y'all up to this weekend?