What I'm Reading : October

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I have been on a serious reading streak recently. Although after looking at my October reads I think it really hit towards the end of the month. In November I've already read 3 books, but I only read two in October.

Bel CantoI mentioned I was reading this book in my last book review. I picked it up because my mom recommended it and I've really enjoyed all other books she's recommended. Initially I thought this book may be boring because of the cover... because I'm bad about judging books my their cover. My mom's description of the book didn't sound like something I would usually pick up but it was also a very different concept. The plot centers around a party with a famous opera singer in South America that is invaded by a group of guerrilla soldiers. Although the plot is not what I would usually pick up I loved that it was so different. This was a plot that made me marvel at people's imagination. The book had a slow start, but you slowly get drawn in to all the characters' backstories. I enjoyed the uniqueness of the plot and how different all the characters were from each other. They were all incredibly unique. 4/5

All The Light We Cannot See - I feel like recently everyone is talking about this book. (I love the cover too!) I added this to my list after reading so many others' good reviews on it. I expected the book to be great and confusing. I was warned that it went back and forth between perspectives and time periods and being told this beforehand made a huge difference. When reading on the Kindle it's not as easy to flip back to the start of the chapter and see what year it was. I tried to keep this in mind throughout reading (and referred to the table of contents often) and I think this made the book much easier for me to follow. I loved the different perspectives and short chapters. Short chapters keep me very engaged and I rarely get bored. The book was beautifully written, had a bit of a mystery and told the story of World War 2 through two very different perspectives but you are able to relate to what both the characters are thinking and how the grow. I think anyone would love this story. I'm not completely sure how I felt about the end. But I loved the book and I recommend it to everyone! 5/5

I am really close to meeting my goal of reading 25 books this year! This has been my goal the last few years and this is the first time I think I will meet it!