A Trip to Boston : Part 2 + A Linkup

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ceiling of the Old South Meeting House || the top of Bunker Hill

I am continuing our Boston recap from when left the Union Oyster House. After our late lunch we finished the Freedom Trail in Bunker Hill which is about a mile away from the stop before it. We also walked to the top of the monument, around 300 steps. It was a lot of walking, but I wouldn't have it any other way because I love walking! The neighborhoods around Bunker Hill (Back Bay maybe?) are beautiful as well. I would love to live in Boston all the houses are beautiful and quaint! The other stop we actually toured was Paul Revere's house. It's a quick tour but definitely worth seeing! It's crazy how many people used to live in very small houses.

After our trek to Bunker Hill we uber-ed to the Neptune Oyster, which I was very excited about after reading some great reviews. Sam and I are huge oyster fans so somewhere with "oyster" in the name is guaranteed to be a favorite of ours (can you tell?!). It was a very small restaurant that doesn't take reservations but thankfully we didn't have to wait too long. (While waiting we nipped down to a bar about a block away for a drink. We had such great service we almost wanted to stay for dinner.) We had some of my favorite oysters to date (salty!), tried sea urchin (it was gross) and split a lobster roll (they are supposed to have one of the best). I also had a wine that I loved called a Bianchetta. The waitress described it as a dry white with mineral notes. I have been looking for one at other restaurants I have gone to since but so far no luck.

After our dinner we went back to bed and watched the Cowboys (Go Dak!) beat the Eagles. And by watch I mean I fell to sleep before the game started.

Salem was beautiful

The next morning we woke up (I would be lying if I said early), checked out of our hotel and took the commuter train to Salem. Yes we went to Salem on Halloween and it was nuts! There were so many people, field trips and costumes! It was really fun and I think it's probably the busiest day in Salem all year. We ate breakfast at Gulu-Gulu Cafe, then headed to the Witch Dungeon Museum. I went to Salem with my family once in high school and this is the one thing I remember. They put on a 15 minute reenactment of a court case during the Salem witch trials, then you view the replica dungeon downstairs. I can't believe they made people stay in dungeons like those they were so small and dark. They also made the imprisoned pay for their room and board!

After the museum we met an old friend of mine at her house (which is an awesome location by the water in Salem) for coffee and catching up and then jumped on the train. It made the trip so much sweeter that I got to catch up with two friends who I have known for forever. I love my friends and I'm blessed to have so many I have known for so long!

We then took the train to Salem, walked to the hotel, uber-ed to the airport and flew home! That is a lot of transportation. We enjoyed the Harpoon Brewery in the Boston airport while waiting for our flight, I love their beer! Also did you know Southwest gives free cocktails on holidays?! It's the best!

That's what we did in Boston! Next time we would love to see the site of the Boston Tea Party and explore more of Salem (specifically House of the Seven Gables and the Witch House). I am pretty happy with all we got in with such a short time!

This month's "Stranded" prompt is "What are three pieces of outerwear you can't live without?" I thought this question was applicable to our Boston trip because I'm thinking your can guess what my #1 favorite outerwear is...

I love this vest. It goes with most outfits. It keeps me warm on chilly days. It has great pockets. I always get compliments. You will be seeing more of this is my NYC recap because I am always wearing this vest!

This coat

It's from Banana Republic but it doesn't look like the sell it anymore. It makes me feel like Kate Middleton/Blair Waldorf. It has the sweetest little bow belt and I feel very sophisticated when I wear it.

The leather jacket

I bought it in Florence and I think it's probably the coolest thing I own. I think it also makes me look very European which you know I love!