Friday Favorites

Friday, November 18, 2016

Another Friday Favorites joining the link-up on Erika's blog! I missed a few of these but I love recording my random favorites.


Precut butternut squash cuts my prep time in half... maybe even in third. I love the precut veggie options at the grocery store!


One of our favorite wines is Apothic Red. We are always excited to try any new blends they have. I liked this one, but the Red is still my favorite!


After watching Jesse run the NYC Marathon I have been super pumped up about running. I running the DC Rock'n'Roll half in March and I'm working on following this plan. My goal is to run in under 2 hours (my current PR). I would love to know about any running blogs y'all follow. I currently love reading about Melissa's marathon training and all of Teri's running advice, I would love some more runners to follow.


Thanksgiving is next week! It's my favorite holiday and I cannot wait! This year has gone by so fast! 

Have a great weekend everyone!