A Trip to New York City : Part 2

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

There is Jesse in the neon green shoes!

Sunday morning we woke up and began our journey of finding Jesse and cheering him on as much as possible. The marathon had an amazing app where you could track the runners as they ran. It was an approximation based on their more recent pace, but they recorded their time almost every mile. We travelled down to Queens to see him at mile 8. I got emotional when the first runners rounded the bend. We eventually saw Jesse and he was looking great! We all went crazy when we saw him.

Next we headed up to the Bronx. We rode the subway almost to almost both ends. We saw Jesse at two different locations in the Bronx. At this point he was around miles 18 and 21. He was so close to being finished and we could tell he was getting a little tired. We tried to catch him close to the finish in Central Park as well but we were a little too late. The crowds around Central Park were around 5 people deep. It was nuts.

We did a lot of walking and we were tired!

While we waited for Jesse to finish the race and make it back to his apartment (he said that, due to security precautions, after the race was awful, he had to walk another two miles just to get out of finishers' village) we found a bar near Jesse's apartment. We ended up at Jaspers Taphouse and it was the perfect place to get some drinks and a bite to eat! The atmosphere was sort of a saloon/bar. They also had all the NFL games on so we were able to watch our other teams win!

Ribeye (I had a lot of leftovers), gnocchi, lobster mac and cheese, asparagus

Once Jesse was ready and we had freshened up at the hotel we went to our celebration dinner at Mastro's! Jesse ate at the LA location after his first marathon and we celebrated there for his graduation from grad school. It has become a bit of a tradition in our family and a big deal because the food and service is amazing! This was Sam's first Mastro's experience and I was so excited for him to enjoy it's goodness. My mom and I also both had lemondrop martinees with dry ice. It was amazing!

The next morning we woke up and rushed to get ready and meet Jesse for coffee before he went to work. We had decided to take off work Monday and stay an extra day since we knew we were having a celebration dinner Sunday night. Unfortunately, last minute my parents had some things come up at work and decided to head home early. Fortunately, they let Sam and I keep the hotel room (we are spoiled). We met Jesse at Gregory's Coffee (his personal favorite) and then we walked him to work. Sam and I then grabbed breakfast at Panera (not very exciting but we had a few failed attempts at other places) and wandered around the city. We checked out the North Face store and then went to 30 Rock to check out the Longchamp store. I saw this backpack on Victoria's blog and I agreed with her that it would be the perfect bag for travel. Sam saw it, agreed and bought it for me! (I bought mine in Gun Metal.)

After some shopping we grabbed our bags from the hotel (I want to add we stayed at the Westin Times Square. We have stayed a few times. it's a great location and a beautiful hotel.), ate lunch at a Dean and Deluca (sushi!) and then headed to the Train Station. At some point we also stopped by Magnolia Bakery and bought a key lime cheesecake. It was amaaazing! The perfect snack after our sushi. We had some time at Penn Station in New York before our train left and Sam bought me some Moe's chips and queso too! Because he knows it's my favorite but we don't have any Moe's local.

We had a great full weekend! We are spoiled to have spent two weekends in a row in two big cities and that my brother lives in one of them! I loved the family time we had this weekend. We have been so busy recently but doing really great things. I love traveling together!