Life Lately

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Our life lately has been very full, all very good things, but I have felt like our weeks have been filled to the brim.

Last weekend was our one free weekend in two months (possibly three... December is starting to fill up). In October and November we have (or will) travel to the beach, MississippiBoston, New York City, Chapel Hill and Virginia. We have learned more about traveling together and I am thankful we have similar travel personalities. We have traveled with family, to see friends and on our own. I have felt overwhelmed by all the housework there is to do (mostly laundry! Today I was wondering how we will ever be able to keep up with future kids. We somehow have so much laundry between just the two of us.).

We have said "yes" to so many things (maybe too many?) but I have been encouraged by how much I have allowed myself to say "no" to. I have said no to dinners with friends and to more weekends away - both great things but there is still need for balance. I have also said no to housework - definitely an easier decision! Because, while housework does need to be done, Sam and I can live with some piled laundry and we can live with dishes sitting in the dishwasher a few extra days. Our times relaxing are just as, if not more, important. Choosing to go for a run after work is often hard to say yes to but it helps me relax and stay healthy. Going to bed early increases the chances that I wake up early enough to read the Bible and drink some coffee, which is my favorite part of the day.

Our life lately has been full. Through the fullness we have learned more about each other and prioritizing. 

This weekend we intentionally made no commitments. On Friday we ordered pizza, watched a movie and slept for almost 11 hours. Saturday we walked to the movies, saw Dr. Strange (very good!), window shopped, cooked cleaned, made progress on photo related Christmas gifts and, mostly, sat on the couch. Sunday we tried out a new church (a big win for us!), went for a run and rested. We used the weekend and no commitments to recharge. It was hard to turn down some commitments but our friends and family were gracious and encouraging.

What have y'all been up to recently? I would love to know!